קצת על תמול שלשום... שמחים להכיר לכם מקום  שהוא גם משהו אחר...

Let us tell you about a really special place…

Tmol Shilshom is a cafe situated in a picturesque alleyway of Nachalat Shiva, one of the first neighborhoods to be built outside the Old City of Jerusalem. The neighborhood, which is built of Jerusalem stone, is full of archways and hidden niches which make it an intriguing area to explore. Tmol Shilshom is also a bookstore with packed bookshelves, art on the walls and antique paraphernalia throughout the space.

The restaurant has two beautiful spaces open to the disposal of our patrons. The large one holds up to 55 people and is suitable for conferences and staff meetings during the daytime hours. A private room can be made available for very small events too (a minimum of five people).

We are happy to adapt ourselves to the needs and requests of our customers. 

A full audio-visual system including microphones, a projector and a screen is at your disposal with the support of our courteous staff.

A full meal can be served in under an hour for groups who are in the middle of a tour.

Ask about meals at unconventional hours for late night tours and outings.

It is possible to combine a cultural event with a meal.

Buses can let passengers off at the entrance to the street, around a one minute walk from the restaurant.

We are situated along the light rail line at Jaffa-Center Station.

Visit our Facebook page where you can find photos, stories and a virtual tour.

Tmol Shilshom has been one of Jerusalem’s most trusted and beloved establishments since 1994.

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